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Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems? Here are some of the questions that users typically ask. If you cannot find the answer here, send me a message and I will try to help.

How do I enable macros in MS Word?
Click on the appropriate link to find out more:
Word 2003 and earlier | Word 2007 and later

When I click on the 'Activate' button nothing happens OR I get a message saying that the macros are disabled. Why?

Before Activating the Teacher's Pet you must set your Microsoft Word Security Settings to 'Medium' [ see 'How do I enable the macros?' ]. Also, when opening the Teacher's Pet you must choose to enable the code when asked whether or not to do so.

I have activated the macros but can't see the toolbar. What is wrong?

In Microsoft Word, click on View > Toolbars and then check to make sure that the Teacher's Pet toolbar is in the list and that it has a tick beside it. If you have Word 2007, all Add-ins have been moved to the new Add-Ins tab.

I am still unable to activate the toolbar in MS Word. What should I do?

If you have tried everything above and are still unable to activate the toolbar, you can install the add-in manually. Firstly, make sure that the installer has unpacked the Teacher's Pet .dot file to your 'Program Files' folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Teachers Pet\). If it is not there, download and run the installer again. Then follow these brief instructions:
Word 2003 and earlier | Word 2007 and later

I am unable to press the Ctrl button and highlight several words at once. Why?

Unfortunately, earlier versions of Microsoft Word do not have this feature, which means that some macros (including the Word Remover and Word Mover) cannot be fully utilised.

How can I remove Teacher's Pet from my machine?

Simply click on the drop down menu and choose 'Remove Teacher's Pet'. When you next open Microsoft Word the toolbar should have disappeared.

How can I support this project?
Register your copy of the Teacher's Pet to support its development. Just click on the 'Register' button on the toolbar to visit the registration page.

Still need help?

Click here to report a problem.

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