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The story of the Teacher's Pet started in 2003 when I was invited by a language school to give a presentation to teachers on a topic of my choice. I decided to give a presentation titled 'Making better use of your computer when preparing for lessons'.

Some years earlier I had worked in an office in London and during that time I was introduced to the concept of macros in word processors. Macros enable the user to record sequences of actions they do regularly, after which you can perform these actions with the click of a button.

If these macros are so helpful for office workers, I thought, why shouldn't they be helpful for teachers too? [ More about macros ]

Anyway, the response to the presentation was so good that I decided to develop the idea further!

Following the popularity of the Teacher's Pet, a talented programmer, Balázs Benedek and I developed another education resource you might be interested in, WordLearner.com, where vocabulary can be taught in almost any language using online games, mobile phone software and print worksheets and flashcards.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can contact me via the link provided below. I'm always happy to receive your comments and suggestions.

Best wishes,

Chris Lacey

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