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The Teacher's Pet uses macros in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice to transform text into classroom exercises.

What is a Macro?

In Microsoft Office and OpenOffice there is a facility for recording a set of actions which you can then perform at the click of a button at another time. This set of instructions is called a ‘Macro’.

How are Macros useful for teachers?

The set of instructions which you can record are vast. For example, you can create Macros which will...

• Remove specified words from the text (including pronouns, articles or prepositions).
• Remove the punctuation from a text.
• Replace specified words with a gap and/or add the word to a list at the bottom of the text.
• Highlight problem sounds (e.g. ‘th’, ‘v’ and ‘w’ in the case of a Hungarian!)

To name just a few! Once recorded, a Macro will remain on your computer for as long as you wish.

How do I record a Macro?


Simply click on the ‘Tools’ menu, go to ‘Macros’, then click on ‘Record New Macro’. Once you’ve given the macro a name (and a shortcut key - optional) you can begin. Any actions you perform will be recorded until you press the ‘Stop Recording’ button. Once you have finished performing the actions you wish to perform press stop (the square button on the window in the middle of the screen).

Now, if you return to ‘Macros’ on the ‘Tools’ menu, click on ‘Run Macro’ and then click on the Macro which you have recorded, the set of actions will be performed in the blink of an eye.

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